Why Choose ReACT?

1 We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time.

  • ReACT has over 20 years’ experience in the roofing and guttering industry. We are renowned for our knowledge and professionalism.
  • A ReACT representative is not a high pressure sales rep - but a qualified tradesperson possessing expert knowledge on roofing and guttering, associated products and how these are installed.
  • The job is done right the first time.

2 We’re friendly and honest, open and up front about everything we do.

We’re completely honest and open with you - ReACT assign you a works manager who keeps you informed throughout the process. You get their mobile number and they’re always available for questions.

We want to make sure you understand:

The cost of labour and materials and exactly how much the job will cost before installation begins.
Work scheduling time frames so you know exactly how long the work will take.
Warranty conditions so you know exactly how to get the most out of your warranty.

3 We’re prompt and punctual – Professionals always turn up on time.

From your first inspection, to the scheduling and performance of works and repairs, ReACT staff meet their obligations, are punctual and reliable. By proving they’re trustworthy, ReACT become the company you want to fix your roof and gutters. ReACT understand your time is precious. Our job is to provide you with good quality information about fixing your roofing problem. By arriving on time we can thoroughly inspect your roof and gutters and let you know your best solution.

4 We offer value for money - you receive quality workmanship at a good price.

ReACT provides quality control, legitimate warranty, and on going service – all combining to make our service great value for money.

We send a highly trained tradesperson to your home so they can present the right solution to suit your exact needs. No hard sales pitches or inflated discounts. Instead, receive an honest fact based evaluation based on the condition of your roof, be offered a solution to fix only the problems identified, and some ideas to prevent their recurrence.

5 Your roof and gutters will be repaired using Australian made products and brands, providing protection against Australia's extreme weather conditions.

Budget materials may cost less upfront but often cost more time and money in the long run, because they don’t possess sufficient quality to endure the test of time.

ReACT prefer Colorbond - a product developed by Australians, in Australia for Australia’s extreme weather conditions. Using Colorbond means we can install the highest quality product, scientifically proven to make your roof & gutters last.

6 Receive a 10 year warranty and peace of mind.

We provide all our customers with a 10 year warranty. It’s a written legal document you can use if there's ever a problem with the product we install for you.

7 Thousands of Happy customers prove we have professional service and quality workmanship.

ReACT is a Canberra based, family owned business that has faithfully provided a high level of customer service for over a decade. We know if you’re happy with our service you’ll refer other people to us - 60% of our business comes from our happy client referrals.

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